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July 24th, 2014 
Michael Kavluk BA MVA
Appraiser and Broker
Bosley Real Estate, Toronto


Legal Appraisals of Toronto Homes

By an Accredited Real Estate Appraiser

Toronto Home Appraisals 

Estate/Probate. Mediation. Partner/Family Buyouts. Capital Gains.

Net Worth Assessments. Relocation. Rental Values. Private or Market Sale


Toronto Real Estate Appraisals

 Toronto Appraisals

Well-Researched, Fully Objective, and Clearly Presented Appraisal Reports.

35 Years of Continuous Experience in the Toronto Real Estate Market

Full Member Access to Toronto MLS Listings, Historical Sales and Statistics




Riverdale, Riverside, Leslieville, The Pocket, East York, Playter Estates,

Danforth Village, The Beaches, The Upper Beach, The Bluffs,The Pocket,

Woodbine Gardens, The Hunt Club, Cliffcrest, Birchcliff,



Moore Park, Chaplin Estates, Leaside, Bennington Heights

Davisville Village, Rathnelly, Cabbagetown, Corktown, Liberty Village, Trinity Bellwoods,

Rathnelly, Summerhill, Yorkville, The Distillery District, Harbourfront



The Annex, Little Italy, Trinity Bellwoods,Dufferin Grove, Beaconsfield, Roncesvalles,

Regal Heights, Christie Pits The Junction, High Park, Swansea, Bloor West Village



~Residential Freehold and Condominium Properties Appraised~



Mediation. Estate/Probate. Corporate Relocation. Partner/Family Buyouts

Residential Rental Values. Capital Gains Tax Calculation. Historical Value

Current Market Value for Sale Purposes. Value Projection / Renovation Planning


Sample Appraisal

Sample Appraisal Format



What's Involved in the Appraisal Process?

As a real estate Appraiser who has also been an active Realtor since 1979, I understand the ongoing and constantly changing dynamics of the local market and the fact that each property and location has a unique set of characteristics and value considerations.

Unlike "free evaluations" commonly offered in real estate marketing material, my appraisals stand alone and are not part of a listing presentation.


"What is the difference between your appraisal and a 'bank' appraisal?"

Bank appraisers draft up to 12 appraisals per day! I spend between 5-10 hours on my appraisal reports. Clearly, a greater amount of research and analysis is involved.

Most "bank" appraisals are of properties which have "just sold". The bank's appraiser has a handy sale price to reference, arguably influencing the appraisal value one way or another.

My appraisal value is based entirely upon historical research and market conditions specific to the subject property. I have no contracts with banks. For my purposes that would be a conflict.

My appraisal is intended for the client who is seeking a fully unbiased,carefully considered document.



Here's What's Involved


Inspection: The appraisal process begins with a thorough on-site inspection of the property, requiring 45-60 minutes. At this time careful attention is paid to the structural elements and mechanical systems of the subject property. Improvements and deficiencies are noted.


Research: In the research stage, market conditions in the general and local economies are considered. Specific attention is paid to housing trends in the GTA and then to the neighbourhood of the subject property.   All available comparable property sales over the past 2-3 years and then the past 2-3 months, are carefully reviewed and short-listed to the most similar and most recent sales. I have full access to Toronto Real Estate Board listings, sales, and statistics. I also have access to the Toronto Registry which will show non-TREB sales.


Adjustments: Once a grouping of the most comparable properties is identified, adjustments are applied for a wide range of factors: location, lot size, overall condition, improvements and deficiencies, mechanics, parking, landscaping etc. These adjustments are described in the report.


Rationale: In some instances a longer narrative explanation of the appraisal process is required. This is an opportunity to discuss how some adjustments were approached and how conclusions were reached.

Conclusion: After the adjustments are calculated, and the general value range of the subject property is ascertained. Greatest weight is given to the comparables requiring the least net and gross adjustments. After much unhurried consideration and a "common sense" review, a final value is established.


The Report: You will receive a fully descriptive appraisal report which includes selected comparables, a discussion of the adjustments, supporting documents, and photographs.Multiple copies are provided as required.


Delivery of Report: The report is carefully reviewed before being released to the client, within 5 business days following the inspection. A pdf version can be e-mailed immediately, followed by a bound hard copy report. All work is completely confidential.


Fees: The base fee for a typical single family home or condominium, for a single date, is $395.00 (Plus HST= $446.35)

For each additional "effective date" add $75.00 per date (You may want to know today's value as well as a value in the past for capital gains purposes).


Payment for service is requested at the time of inspection.

The appraisal cannot be undertaken unless the complete objectivity of the appraiser is respected. Please do not mention other evaluations or anticipated value.



About Michael Kavluk


Michael Kavluk has been active in the real estate industry since 1979 and is a Broker and Appraiser licensed with Bosley Real Estate Ltd. (Brokerage).

He is an accredited Market Value Appraiser (MVA) as recognized by the Canadian Real Estate Association, and the The Ontario Real Estate Association.

This accreditation is also recognized by the Government of Canada, (CMHC), the Province of Ontario, and Municipal governments within the Province.

These reports are often used in legal proceedings,mediations, estate probate applications, and partnership buyouts.


To schedule an appraisal, or if you have further questions, please contact me...


Michael Kavluk BA MVA

Broker and Appraiser

Bosley Real Estate Ltd. (Brokerage)

Contact: torontoappraisals@sympatico.ca

Office:    416-322-8000

Mobile:   416-698-3333


Member of The Canadian Real Estate Association, Ontario Real Estate Association, Toronto Real Estate Board



For information regarding the sale of your Toronto home please contact


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